Friday, October 27, 2006

Into the first fifth of a century..

"The london eye"
My birthday was on the 24th of October. It turned out more eventful than I thought it would be. In the morning, I visited the London eye with the whole of the other mechanical engineers from Imperial College. We were supposed to draw sketches of the london eye as a part of our design syllabus and I also had the chance to ride the london eye for free! (it costs a whopping 11 pounds) It was a rainy day so I the pictures from the top weren't very nice. Nevertheless, the view of london 135 meters from the ground is breathtaking.

At night, I had cell group but what I didn't know was that my friends had planned a small suprise birthday party for me. Even worse, I was host for the cell meeting that day so I had to be there for cell. In the end, they waited for my cell to finish before having the suprise birthday party for me. By then it wasn't really a suprise anymore. However, it was still a wonderful dinner and I couldn't help feeling sorry that I had ruined their so carefully planned suprise.
I thank God for friends. Life is so much more meaningful with them around. I also thank God for their good taste. They got me a pair of futsal shoes so I could use them in nottingham games. =D Thanks all of you!!

(standing up, left to right: Iyngaran, Jared, Sufian, I-Fen, Qing Hong, Qi Ting,
Wei Jun, Dinesh, Afiq, Aisyah. Seated: Fazril and me)

Its amazingly wonderful that they'd go through so much hassle to prepare something so unnescessary. Indeed, friends are a blessing and for a tiny while on that day, I did feel significantly special. (which is a big deal to me as I seldom get to feel special)

So, I'm now twenty and how many more years/months/days I have to my name I can't tell. But my prayers is that with each coming day, I shall be able to number my days aright, that I may gain a heart of wisdom.

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