Friday, January 26, 2007

Its snowing!!!

2 days ago, I was awoken by a phone call. It was Dinesh and he said it snowed the night before. I was just about to go back into bed until I saw what was outside my window- it snowed the night before.

Picture taken from my kitchen window

I couldn't get back into bed as I was feeling a little excited about the snow and all. I can't really remember when the last time I saw snow but I do remember my brother, David dropping snow onto my head when we were in Glassgow a long time ago. (he was much taller than I was then, and he cunningly hid at the school entrance and waited for my class to be over to mess my hair with snow)
Yesterday, it snowed again. This time I was on my way to lectures and I felt tiny specks of snow falling onto my head. It didn't last long (probably for a minute or two), but long enough for me to feel all excited again. Today, it snowed again. Again, it didnt' snow very long but I could see the snow from the window during my tutorials.

As you can see, my name seems to be very common. This picture taken was of the garden in the neighbouring houses.

Apparently, it does snow in London in February and March and sometimes classes have to be cancelled due to the snow. (not due to heavy snowfall but due to other reasons) London seems to be very vulnerable to snow; if there's a heavy snowfall, the trains wont work and the tube won't work and loads of people won't be able to get to work on time or even get to work. We barely had half an inch of snow that day and even that caused major delays on the trains. One lecture had to be cancelled and another started late by half and hour. Some of the seniors say that at times a few days of lectures were cancelled due to the snow. How nice... =D
This year, the weather seems to be going bazookas. Winter is getting progressively later and on the other side of the world where Malaysia is, the floods are terrible. Global warming eh?
Well, thats all for now. Hopefully, I shall be back with more interesting posts than this in the future. =D

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aliasidek said...

OoooOooOoo yet again another comeback. Horray! (Let's hope this time your hiatus will be less sooner- or maybe no hiatus at all) Eck.

I got to play with the snow as well! (Sorry Leen, one day it will be snowing in Bath, I'll pray) Although the snow that I played with was more like very tiny ice flakes on the ground, it brought me some very weird aura I can't explain. Like finally it hits me I'm far away from home- where I can't get snow. Ah well.

It's good to be hearing from you back. And, how come I feel like I haven't spoken to you for a very very long time?