Sunday, June 10, 2007

Glad to be home..

And so, I boarded my flight back home on Tuesday the 5th of June. I couldn't help feeling a little glad to be finally headed back home.

I took my last look at the london sky.

Anticipation overwhelmed me and I ended up gazing out of the window instead of sleeping.

And I had a severe case of jet lag after that. Which was cool, because you know you can sleep as much as you want back at home.


I haven't been doing much since getting back home, played a little futsal, meddling with the pups etc.. The food here is magnificent. I remember my first spoonful of nasi lemak; took me a minute or so for me to swallow. I just didn't want that moment to end. =D

Apart from all the fun, I've also had my share of sadness. One of my beloved puppies choked on some stuff she wasn't suppose to eat. I guess it was quite upsetting, since I've only been back for such a short while, and it had to happen. Oh well, bad things happen from time to time.

".. and if one cute puppy would have accidentally fall, 8 cute puppies playing in the hall.. "


markus said...

eek! 1 sudah ko.. eh are they going for 'training'? die ler if got 8 lucy's at home.. giving away some rite?

Spilinmy said...

urrmm.. the pups are a month old, and we're supposed to keep them for another month. After they're 2 months old, 4 will go to the breeder, and another 3 have been booked. We're keeping one but I seriously doubt that it's gonna go for training..

Anonymous said...

Wow i like the photos Peter. Oh sorry to hear about the puppy =( tho. Jangan bersedih-sedih sangat aite =D hee

Aimaniee said...

Lupa letak nama haha, sowee

Spilinmy said...

Oo hullo aiman.. haha.. I'm fine, not to worry. But it sure is a shame that the puppy had to go.