Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..

The gig was fun. The last time I performed proper on stage ( not including all the church activities) was back in form 5 where I performed with some friends during 'induction night' back in high school. We did 'that thing you do' by the wonders. Guess what? Fuze performed the same song again but however, this time I was on the bass guitar. We did 4 covers which were 'play that funky music' by wild cherry, 'everywhere' by michelle branch, 'way back into love' by hugh grant and 'that thing you do' by the wonders. It was great having the crowd move with us during our performance but on my part, it was really hard for me to move to the music. By nature, I feel that I'm not entirely capable to express myself physically. Hence, I was stoning on stage and not moving with the beat during the performance. Ah.. I guess that my expressive side needs more working on. =S


Exams are finally over and France awaits my coming =D. I'll be going for the annual MSoc ski trip this saturday and I can barely contain my excitement. I'm already dreaming of skiing, snow fights, snowmans, and snow angels. It sure does give me alot to look forward to.


Christmas is just round the corner! Due to the general lack of Christmas spirit amongst the people here in UK, I decided to try aid the situation.

Hoho.. what do you think of my beautiful christmas tree?


On to more somber matters, I've almost witnessed an accident happen in front of my own eyes. I was walking to school yesteday and I stopped at the traffic light where a father and his 2 sons were also waiting to cross the road. Now, the traffic light then turned red and the father and his sons were about to cross the road but a van beat the red light and was moving real fast. One of the little boys was on his bike and couldn't stop in time. He was in the path of the oncoming van. Luckily he managed to swerve at the last minute to avoid being knocked by the van. However, the front tyre of his bicycle scrapped the van as the van screeched to a halt. The father was furious and hurled abusive words at the driver as the driver alighted from the van.

It disturbed me for a little while after that. The kid was young, maybe 7 or 8? and yet it could have easily been his last day even at that young age. It made me come to think of how fragile life is. Anyday could be our last day. And suddenly the saying 'live each day as if it were your last' seemed to make so much more sense than it used to. So much more.

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