Friday, March 06, 2009

The film festival..

I came across this in the Imperial Malaysian Society newsletter. KOMAS will be organizing a freedom film festival that raises issues regarding social justice and human rights in Malaysia through film. It will be held on the 28th of March at the Garden Court Chambers. They will be screening a compilation of documentaries that were screened at each freedom film festival from 2004-2008. Tickets are GBP5 (used to cover the cost of the venue hire) and any proceeds will go to Harinder Veriah Trust, a UK charity that works with underprivileged children in Malaysia

I think that it'll be a good opportunity to listen and see some interesting and thought provoking films/documentaries, especially when what we get fed from the Malaysian mainstream media can be extremely skewed sometimes (if not most of the time). I'm sure that there's always something that we can learn. If not to learn, at least come to see Dr. Mahathir's quarrel with a 10 year old boy from Surrey. That'll be interesting =)

A brief summary of the documentaries being screened:
For more information, visit the freedom film festival london website.

Do come along and do bring your friends too.


corporateplotter said...

hi peter - if the quarrel is not enough, we have found the 10 year old boy and have invited him to the film festival. do join us on the day.


Spilinmy said...

hey see-see.. thanks for the info.. will definitely try to make it..