Monday, May 25, 2009

Seniors Commisioning

I have a dream.

I dream that from this generation of graduates will arise men and women who truly love the Lord Jesus Christ more than anything and are fully yielded to him.

Some in my dream will become pastors, evangelists and theologians, labouring to build God’s church in East Asia . Others from among them will become professionals – doctors, engineers, lawyers, businesspeople and journalists. From within these professions will come a powerful Christian influence in our society, to turn it to a more righteous and just and godly direction.

Then I see in my dream Christian families rising – places where love and justice are worked out in daily living. Places where the citizens of the future are nurtured, where young Christians are raised, where guests encounter the good news of Jesus from Christians who truly care for them.

Pastors, theologians, scholars, professionals, writers, politicians, Christian families – whose highest loyalty is to Christ and his gospel. From people like these we will support and send missionaries to all the world.

Share my dream. Take your place in it. Stand up and be counted for Christ.

-Excerpts from a graduation Speech by Dr Isabelo Magalit, IVCF

At OCF last friday (the 22nd of May), we had the senior's commissioning. I suppose one could say its another way of saying senior's farewell, but farewell would indicate them leaving us. Commissioning on the other hand would imply us sending them out. I like it better that way.

Its a little weird to have one's friends graduating-all of them dissapearing at one go. At the same time, I'm happy that their time has come to go out to be God's light in the working world. Perhaps this is the way God continues to bring life to the workplace and through these people, combat the spiritual decay amongst the young working adults.

I'm filled with anticipation. I envisage how they would be a refreshing gust of air bringing the winds of change in the workplace, and how God in turn would use the workplace to refine these dear friends of mine; changing them day by day to be more like Jesus. =)


Dear Lord, I thank you've let me share part of the lives of these brothers and sisters in Christ. I thank you that they've been such a blessing to me and to others. I pray that even as they approach the end of their student life and the start of their working life that they may not be intimidated. Instead I pray that they will be courageous in living out their lives for you. I pray that you sustain them and provide for them for the times when they are needing. And for the times when they have plenty, I pray for grace so that they in turn will bless others. I pray that they will remain faithful to their calling and that they will not stray from you. You said in your word that you will lose none that the father has given you. Keep these dear friends of mine in your arms and never let them go. I pray that their hearts will not be hardened by the complexities of the workplace, that they will not lose the ideals they started of with and that they will not lose faith. But instead they will call for you and you will guide them and lead them into all truth. Please take care of them as you always do. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

Squatting: Bing Liang, Xian, Shi Hao, Michael 1st row: Jia Lei, Jasmine, May Ling, Pei Lynn, Suwen, Rachel, Grace, Stephanie, Guan Sin, Jane, Shun Ling 2nd row: Eugene, Wesley, Li Guang, (Mr Wong?), Ding, Jerald, Jamin, Stephen, (hmm??), William

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