Sunday, October 15, 2006

More about life in the UK..

"Group 1M8A"

This is the cantilever that didn't win. However, we (my group) managed to get to know each other quite well through the design experiment. Coincidentally, they will also my personal tutor group for the next two years. (from left to right: Me, Alana, Hua Aun, Jin Loong) Yeah, it seems as if they're more chinese than the english but let me assure you that my group is an anomaly. Most of the other groups are a better mix.

"Bon App├ętit?"

This is Dinesh, an old friend from KTJ thats doing the same course as I am and we also happen to be staying in the same hall as I am as well. Of course, the food of on the table was cooked by me and I assure you that it tastes just as nice as it looks. (hope it looks good to you =D )

I have been cooking quite a bit recently and I shall be attempting to make nasi lemak this week after being inspired by a friend to cook more delicious meals. I got most of the ingredients from chinatown like santan, ikan bilis, currypowder+kunyit, sambal paste.. etc. Hopefully everything turns out right and I shan't have to keep on trying to get it right. (the ingredients can be quite costly over here)

Well, I guess that's all for now. I shall return with more interesting posts hopefully.

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