Friday, October 13, 2006

Setling down..

" Our first photo in London taken outside Terminal 3, Heathrow"

So, it has come to pass. All the packing and all the preparation are way past me. Its been about 2 weeks now that I've been in the UK and things are just about fine. Do I feel happy? Of course I do, and I'm sure that the rest of my fellow Petronas counterparts are as well. (just look at them beaming from ear to ear in the photo above) Of course, I was taking the photo, hence I wasn't included in the picture. (from left to right: Qing Hong, Afiq, Ding Jian, Ikhsan, I Fen, Hanafi and Swee Fung)
It was quite a moment when the plane took off Malaysian ground and me and Afiq started congratulating each other and shaking each other's hands in the plane. Of course, leaving home to a far away place with a bunch of good friends sounds too good to be true. The flight was 13 hours and I spent half of the time watching 4 movies back to back. I slept for a little while but woke up in intervals throughout the journey. When the plane touched down in Heathrow, Afiq and I started shaking hands and congratulating each other again.
Anyway, we reached on a Thursday morning and we lodged for 2 nights at the Malaysia Hall where the Malaysian student dept is located. We spent half the day meeting with our sponsors who told us some important and essential guidelines for living in the UK. Later in the evening, we walked through kensington gardens to get ourselves registered at Imperial College, our university to be. Of course, I did lots of other stuff in between but I shall not bother to elaborate.
The first few days in Imperial was scary as we were given a design project and a math test. We were splitted into groups and we were supposed to design a cantilever and it was due at the end of the week. I didn't even know what a cantilever was so I started to worry a little. I then discovered that it was supposed to be a bridge-like structure and we were going to hang weights on it to check if it could withstand the strain. The cantilever that could hold the most weight would win their owners some prize money. We were given some pieces of wood, string and wood adhesive to make our cantilever. My team didnt' win by the way.
Lectures have started but tutorials hasn't start and will only be starting next week. So, I happen to reasonably free this week but starting next week, I shall be having 25 hour weeks. I have already started cooking and I happen to discover that I can actually cook given the right tools and enough space. Infact, I cook for my friends as well ( at times) and it actually tastes sufficiently delicious. =D 3 cheers for me..
I shall try to post as often as possible to update all of you on my adventures in the UK. In the mean time, try to make do with this post and keep the emails coming if you want to. =D

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