Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Its that time of the year..

" Winter is coming"

Winter is coming, and so is Christmas. Its easy to tell because the sun sets really early these days and all trees are starting to shed their leaves. It gets dark at about 4:30 pm and it gets you confused some times. These days I feel restless and tired and I tend to oversleep (the nights are longer =P)

Anyway, its almost 3 quarters into my term and I still feel that I haven't learnt much. Yet, there seems to be loads of work piling up and waiting to get done; all of them I haven't learn before. I guess that its time when you're expected to have initiative to learn all these things yourself. Uni differs so much from college.
"Random photo I took while in Wales"
I've got a lab report due this friday. I've got it all planned out but I just can't seem to get it written out. I feel extremely lazy. Gotta beat my body and make it my slave..

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