Monday, February 05, 2007

The previous week had been wonderful and I shall make a brief summary of what happened.

On Monday I went for a swim as I hadn't had any serious physical activity recently. It felt good and I'm glad that I decided to wake up earlier than usual for the swim.
Wednesdays are half days and half days are always great. The afternoon was spent rehearsing for the Imperial College Malaysian Night which will be on the 3rd of March. Do come to whoever that is free on the 3rd of March. I must say that dancing is quite fun, contrary to my belief that I can never enjoy dancing. Yes, I'll be dancing, which is an incentive for all to come for MNite so do try make it. =D
On Thursday, we had a guest speaker to speak to us about the church in China during christian union. He talked about how the church leaders would be imprisoned and how they suffered for their faith. What struck me about his message was how the people in China make their descision to follow Christ even when they know the cost and the consequences of their descisions. Nevertheless, the church in China is growing even admist the persecution. He concluded by saying that the church in china was the suffering church, the persecuted church but also the triumphant church.
Over the weekend, I caught a cold but its getting much better already. On sunday, I helped paint the main backdrop for MNite. I must say that it turned out really well. What was once a blank piece of canvas turned out to be a masterpiece.

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