Thursday, February 08, 2007

Portugal 2-0 Brazil

I finally watched my first football match here in the UK on Tuesday. It was an international friendly between portugal and brazil, held at the Emirates stadium (belonging to Arsenal). I had wanted to take loads of pictures but the battery for my camera was depleted, even worse the spare was spoilt. I only managed to take one picture, and even that was without me in it.
Brazil were brilliant in the first half, almost scoring 3 goals. However, in the second half they were careless and Portugal seemed to have improved tremendously after the half-time break. Some of the start players were absent- Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos. But the rest were present- Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Deco, Adriano.. That might explain how Portugal managed to beat Brazil by 2 goals.

My only picture of the whole night

For the past few days, I just can't seem to get logged onto my uni's server. I had intially thought that my laptop had some problems, then I thought it was the internet port in my room that had gone bogus. I tried logging onto the server using my roommates' port several times and it worked. I finally discovered that it was my LAN cable that was the problem. Apparently some of my other friends also had the same problem. I'm still wondering how come it wasn't a problem before. But all is as normal right now and its great that way. Hopefully, it will remain this way.

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