Friday, March 09, 2007

PMS- Post Mnite Syndrome

Mnite was a blast!! The crowd was great and eventhough we had minor blunders in our performances, we still had fun. I danced the opening dance, bhangra, dikir barat and the modern dance. The performances can be watched online via youtube.

Its been a week since Mnite now and there seems to be a huge emptiness that comes with Mnite being over. Apart from getting emotionally attached to the late night dance practices, there literally is a huge emptiness. I seem so much more free, which is good. However, being too free isn't exactly good either.

Next week, the Malaysian Society in Imperial will be having elections for next year's committee. Its quite a big thing for the first year students and those running for posts have all started to campaign to fish for votes. I'm not running for a post but I'll be voting. I kinda made a mess of myself by showing where my loyalty rests and in the process I dissapointed some people. Oh well..

On the brighter side, the end of term is only 2 weeks away.

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