Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year..

Its been a while since the last post; I've been busy and I've been celebrating Chinese New Year. In London, CNY isn't a big thing and there isn't that much of a festive mood as well. However, the festive spirit still does happen at a much smaller scale. Me and my friends back from KTJ had a small reunion dinner. Our master chef, Daryl cooked an amazing and delicious 10 course meal. We even had CNY songs played on the speakers and we all had a jolly good time.

From left to right: Sui-Jon, Kenneth(being blocked by sui-jon), Yvonne, Me, Wai-Hang, Michelle, Sue-Mae and Daryl

Besides all the celebration, the preparation for Imperials' Mnite has been really intensifying. The practice hours are getting longer and the number of practice sessions are also increasing. I guess that the producers and the directors really want to put up a good show for everyone to see. There must be really big expectations for IC's Mnite this year as the 650 tickets that were available are already sold out. (the ticket sales just started yesterday, meaning that all the 650 tickets were sold in a day)

Anyone wanting a gist of what Mnite is all about should visit For those who dont' know, IC's Mnite is on the 3rd of March which is about 9 days from now. Hope to see familiar faces there!

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