Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So, my adventure with Malaysian care begins. I went to Damansara Perdana today to help out with the Orang Asli. Yes, I did say Damansara Perdana if you're wondering. It seems that a long time ago, before development took place, the Damansara Utama/Jaya- Bandar Utama- Damansara Perdana area were filled with orang aslis. Later, when the developers decided to develop the land, they compensated the orang aslis by building a bunglo for each of the families and relocated them in Damansara Perdana. (Desa Temuan to be exact)

Now, back to the part where I was helping out with the OA. Now, the whole project was to teach the OA kids english (kids between the age of 3-12). I was there primarily to help out before classes started, namely to play a game with the kids. Since I've been to an OA settlement, I thought I knew what I was in for. But I was wrong.

You see, when I first arrived all was well although 3 children started clinging to me. They held on to my hands then tried to climb onto me.(They were girls . Hmmm.. interesting huh?? =D ) Then the kids tried other things, such as trying to tickle me, shouting into my ears, running circles around me.. etc. Still, I thought that was kinda normal for kids to do so. Then came the part where I was to share the little game that I deviced- which could have turned out better. It took me 20 mins to get their attention and another 20 mins trying to explain the game. The game only lasted for 10 mins. Even then, they weren't follwing the rules. Hence, the =(

Then the classes started. There were 3 other volunteers and one staff and they seemed to be able to relate well with the kids that I kinda grew jealous. Of course, the other volunteers got their fair share of tickling, shouting and all the other stuff but they were able to overcome it. So, I was feeling a little inadequate; I felt as if there was nothing of use that I could contribute to the English classes, I felt like a spectator that had come to watch a cultural show. Worst of all, I learnt that there were less kids today than they usually have. Apparently most the kids have gone for a special cocuriculum event and only a few were left for english classes.

Of course, in comparison with the OA kids in Tapah, the kids here have a real short attention span. They can't sit still for a minute (and I really mean it) unless they are having a mood swing. One particular girl crawled under the table and started cutting some playing cards with scissors and proceeded to try cut some parts of her clothes as well. Later she just sat down in a corner and refused to talk. I found it almost amusing.

I guess that the kids there are really different, also having different needs. Although I may not be able to relate well with the kids, I could still give my attention to those who are lacking attention. Hopefully, it would make a difference. I'm sure it will. I'm going back to the same place on Friday, with more of them to handle than today.

Oh, that doesn't change the fact that the kids were like tiny pests.

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Aimaniee said...

ehh sabar byk-byk Peter. Wow,u seriously damn semangatla. Jealous!! keep it up man.