Friday, June 01, 2007

The end of year 1

I have just officially finished my first year in Imperial College. For the past week, I have been having manufacturing workshops. We were to make a car. It was quite a lot of effort trying to make a car in a week. Nevertheless, I succeeded and I'm quite happy about my car actually.

Now, now, no reason to get excited. Its only a rubber band powered toy car. But still, its a car. We even had a race on the Mech Eng concourse. Well, it wasn't really a race; the car that moved furthest in the track wins. My car didn't do too well. It wasn't very fast, and it wasn't moving straight. A friend of mine won the race and his car even surpassed the end of the track. In fact, his car was the only car that did so.

Nicos (in the middle) and some of his friends that I don't really know. (They're all from cyprus)

Throughout the whole week, I also made a G-Clamp. It was hard work as I had to file the metal into shape. However, the whole process of making it was really interesting. Initially, it was a block of steel, and we had to cut out the rough shape. Then, we had to file it into its proper shape and finish off by polishing it with sand paper. The screw was made with a lathe where we turned a steel bar and slowly removed the metal by chipping it off with a cutting tool. They even heat treated the metal to give it extra strength.

I'm flying home this Tuesday. I'm really excited about going home and I can't wait to see the puppies. (Lucy gave birth to 6 males and 3 females I think..) I have yet to pack and I don't know what to do with the food in my refrigerator.

Puppies are so adorable

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