Saturday, May 26, 2007

More of the post exam celebrations..

I've just watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end. Its simply awesome.. like.. urmm.. as awesome as.. urrmm.. well.. uh.. forget it.
But seriously, it was a really good movie. The plot was a little confusing, which made it all the more interesting. However, it would really help if you had seen the two previous prequels, the curse of the black pearl and the dead man's chest. (which I did) Wai Hang was sitting beside me and he was completely lost. But then again, its Wai Hang, so..
Anyway, since Tuesday I've done the reading that I said I was going to do and I've done some decent swimming as well. I have also been lazing in hyde park and have been frolicking in the grass. Its probably something I'd never do when I'm back in Malaysia. The weather here is just so inviting at times, not too hot or too humid or too cold. Too bad next week is predicted to be cold and rainy.


I've just realised that going back so soon wasn't a very good idea. It would have been great if I could stay for another week or two, make some tiny trips here and there. Visit cambridge, colchester and all. Guess I'll just have to do it some other time. Looking on the bright side, its only 9 days till I get back to Malaysia. =D

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