Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Miscellanous Updates..

Last Saturday was the annual youth bible quiz. 4 churches took part this year; Agape, Bandar Sunway, PJGH and SSGC. SSGC was represented by Zhi Liang, Jocelyn, Petra and Marcus. This year's quiz was on the book of Nehemiah and the quiz itself was divided into 6 parts, 2 of which are to be answered by the floor crowd. The questions were kinda challenging, especially the ones that required interpretation. Nevertheless, most of the participants did quite well. In the end, SSGC were victorious and there was a big celebration. In fact, we had KFC for lunch the next day courtesy of Uncle Eng Aun. One thing for sure, it certainly felt good winning after losing out in COPA IBA.


I had been experiencing what you call PRB (postRedang blues). The past week had seen me falling asleep to dream about dancing with the fishes and swimming past loads and loads of corals. But its getting better I assure you. No medication needed. =D Incidently, Colin gave me a wet suit. He said that if I could fit it, its all mine. And it fitted quite perfectly! So perfect that if I had put on another 15 pounds, I wouldn't be able to fit it nicely (which is a wonderful incentive not to put on weight). You see, Colin had inherited the wet suit from someone who had passed away and he couldn't fit it. Hence, he passed it to me. Looks as if I'm gonna have to take up scuba diving as a hobby now =D.


Tee Keat, a former church member has just recently joined Malaysian Care to volunteer as well. His job description is kinda like mine, so it means that he'll be doing pretty much what I'm doing right now and its always fun to work with company. Indeed, the Lord provides!


This Saturday, the Chin refugees will be having their sports day. It'll be held in Kajang Stadium and I'll be helping out to man the posts for the races. There will be several events namely softball, football and the track events (100m, 200m and 400m). Hopefully the weather turns out right and everything will run smoothly.

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