Wednesday, August 01, 2007

You're just so beautiful girl......

I just got back from Redang on Sunday. Redang was the BOMB!! It was totally cool. I went there with some of my churchmates and we went diving. The corals and the marine life was sooo beautiful girl, that's why it'll never work, you'll have me suicidal, suicidal when you say its overrrr...
Urmm okay.. Point made. But seriously, it was so good that it was saddening not knowing when I'll be able to go diving again. It was a really interesting and unforgettable experience. I saw quite a few things, including my very first shark, sea turtle, sting ray, eel, nudibranches and even the more common clownfish (nemo). Uncle Nic brought an underwater camera and I'll be getting the photos from him in the next few days so maybe then I'll upload some pictures on the blog.


The PJ Half marathon will be held next Sunday (on the 14th of August) and I shall be taking part in the 10k run. From my current fitness level, I can feel that its gonna hurt real bad. However, I will be doing some training and hopefully it'll get better in the next 2 weeks.


Bible quiz is this Saturday. SS shall be represented by Zhi Liang, Jocelyn, Marcus and Petra. They've all been training really hard for this and I think that we have a chance of winning this time round. Of course, winning isn't everything but it sure feels nice to win once in a while huh?


The last of the puppies are gone. We gave them all away. =( I think what I'm feeling now is the 'empty nest' syndrome. All good things must come to an end huh?

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