Friday, November 16, 2007

London geek..

I made a big mistake a few weeks ago. I promised Hazwan that I'll be performing at the London Gig organized by Imperial's Malaysian Society. Its gonna be held on the 8th of December, about 3 weeks away!!! Oh my..

I was supposed to perform a guitar solo. But I was afraid that the crowd won't enjoy the genre. I mean, having rock bands and all, it'll be pretty intimidating to have an acoustic instrumental. So I thought to myself, maybe I could get a singer to perform with me instead. Maybe then people might actually find it less boring. Plus, if I make a fool of myself, at least I won't be alone. =D

I was told by Vivien that she had a friend that was interested in singing for me. So I met up with Ei Mun about an hour ago and she does sing pretty well =D. Whoop Dee Doo! I might not turn out to be the London Geek after all! (or at least if I do, it'll be London geeks)

p/s : everyone's support will be appreciated. do come!

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