Thursday, November 29, 2007

My box of chocolates..

Ah.. I have been quite busy for the past few weeks- lab reports, exams, rehearsals to attend, basketball etc etc. I must say, it certainly feels good to be busy. It adds so much more to your self esteem and self worth. Then finally when you're free, it feels like a whole load being taken off your chest; you sit down on your chair, sipping a cup of coffee, reading the papers but in a few minutes realising that your mind is somewhere else, and then you end up blogging. =D

Notts Games is this Saturday and unfortunately, I got injured yesterday. I kinda got knocked in my thigh during training and I'm finding it hard to walk. Hopefully it'll get better soon.

London Gig is next Saturday. There has been new updates. My previous singer, Ei Mun couldn't make it for London Gig, so I got paired up with another singer, Francine. She has a really awesome voice, and things are looking good as of now. Oh, did I mention that I'll be playing bass for a band as well? We call ourselves 'Fuze'.


I'm having 4 more progress tests in the next 2 weeks. That means that I'll be having 2 exams a week until the term is over. Can't wait till the end of the term and the hols. I'm sure I'd love more time to myself.


Miemie est... said...

whoaa you guys did a photoshoot and everything!! =P good luck for the performance next weekend! x

Spilinmy said...

hey.. thanks.. =D