Sunday, November 11, 2007

Winter approaches..

So, I've been up to not much good recently. But I've been doing a decent bit of studying and keeping up with lectures. =D


I'm having some exams in the coming weeks and at the moment, I could still do with alot more of preparation. This coming Friday, I'll be having my materials paper and the next Thursday, I'll be having my stress analysis paper. And I say to myself gleefully, "Aha! a chance to score well and impress my tutor." Yeah right.

So the weather is becoming more like winter than anything else. Its cold, dark and damp. But the worst part is that Hyde Park closes early (because it gets dark early). That means that I can't walk back home throught Hyde Park but I'll be needing to take the bus instead. I'm really considering to get a bike so that I could get to and fro without having to wait for the bus. The mornings on the other hand, are still as enjoyable as I get to walk through the park. Infact, I've posted some pictures that I took not too long ago.

Hyde Park looking autumnish

Hyde Park looking winterish

Well, I went to church the other day. Guess who I met?? Yeah! You guessed right! Winnie the Pooh! Now, that's kinda random but scroll down and you'll understand. I was kinda amused so I took a picture. Infact, I was so amused that I spent some time deep in thought. You know, having recently turn 21 and all, I was just reminiscing and thinking hard to myself "Would I, at that age, wear something like that and walk around in public?" Of course I would!

Winnie the Pooh posing with Blessing

Then guess, what else I saw? I haven't seen one of those toys in ages. So I overpowered the kid and played with it and refused to give it back. No, I didn't. But it was really cool, so I took a picture of it. Ah, sweet memories I tell you, sweet memories..


If only I were young again... =D

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