Thursday, January 08, 2009

Looking forward and forward looking..

Ah.. the end of the holidays approach and a new term dawns! So much to look forward to this year, and so much to be fearful about. Lets just hope all turns out well.


If you notice in my previous post, I had aimed to get some stuff done during the hols. Unfortunately, I hadn't been able to finish up what I had started:

  • Finish writing my literature review- I have only realised that the material that I currently have isn't sufficient. I need to do a more thorough research and time is running out =S
  • Finish my internship applications- well... the due date is still quite a while off more.. so...
  • Start composing- This I have done, but unfortunately I have not finished the piece. I promise to post it up when I'm done.
  • Roll down a snow laden hill and make snow angels- Rolled down too many hills and turned out all blue and black.

So, as I've previously stated, I've still been trying to finish up the literature review. Just in case you don't know, the title is "The Use of Polymers in Offshore Oil and Gas Pipelines". Now, I've been going through tremendous amounts of material and the ones that I want aren't available to me. It's really frustrating not having what I need for the write-up.

However, in my frustration I started writing some poetry. I don't mean to be showy or anything, but I do think that some of it is actually readable. =) I guess there's always a silver lining in every cloud eh? But as everyone knows, I'm the king of not finishing off what I had started and as such, I have not finished writing my poems either. I shan't bother talking about the poems until they are done and I have a good excuse for that; a good one- 'An artist doesn't give any clues about his unfinished works, neither shall I talk about mine'.


Now, what lays before me is a new year- a chance to make things right. I'm gonna give it my best shot and hopefully this I'll get done.

Things to look forward to this year:
  • Completion of my literature review
  • Composition of songs
  • Completion of 'Stella', our racing car for the Formula Student race this year.
  • The adventure of being a student in the UK


Michael said...

i contest the position of kingship.

okay. you can be king of unfinished business in england, i'll be king in Malaysia.

Spilinmy said...

hahaha.. that sounds good to me.. =)