Thursday, January 01, 2009

sunrise of a new year..

The clock struck 12. The fireworks went off. The cheer is heard. Loud, clear, everywhere- Happy New Year!

Time stood still. My mind raced through the previous year. I remember the flight, university, lab reports, malaysian night, church, summer break. All of them compiled in a moment. I thought to myself:

History repeats itself. Same words, same faces, fireworks etc. Questions that then comes to mind: What is so new about this year? What will I do with this new year? and these same questions bounce back and forth within my empty head, making echoes lasting for eternity.

Back to reality. I think I have my answers. But my answers aren't yours and yours not mine. The question still begs to be asked: Given a new year, what would you do with it? and why would you do it the way you do it?

Happy New Year everyone.. Have a great time making your new year resolutions! =)

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