Thursday, March 29, 2007

The last days of the term.. and the first few days of easter break..

The last few days of the term were hectic ones. I had so much to do in so little time. I had to hand in 3 reports that were due and I had to prepare a bible study for cell. Only by God's grace did I survive it. However, the last week of the term was also one filled with events.

Me and my group were to build a cardboard chair (from cardboard boxes) and it was to be tested and rated by the tutors. We were given a few weeks to design it and at the same time, to make a miniature model of the cardboard chair. We made the actual cardboard chair on the tuesday last week. My group did fairly well, considering the fact that we didn't actually plan as much as the rest. We made a tiny chair with an amazing base strength but our backrest was simply horrendous. Of course, we didn't win the competition but some of the chairs other groups made were somewhat amazing.

The "chair exhibition"

This chair won second prize. The decorations certainly helped =D

Some of the other chairs.

My invention: As you can see, the chair had a really sturdy base.

Apart from the chair exhibit, I spent most of the week in the library (something I usually don't do). I also visited my aunt who had a broken metatarsul due to a careless fall. We had dinner near her house in the barbican and she handed some stuff my mom passed to her when she was back in Malaysia for Chinese New Year. I got her some flowers and a get well card and she was somewhat pleased. Of course, it wasn't my brainchild. Markus, who couldn't make it that day gave me the idea.

Now that the easter break is here, I'm going to try study as much as I can in this 4 weeks (now only 3 and a half left) of holidays. Hopefully at the end of this holidays, everything I've learnt in the past 6 months will make more sense to me.

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