Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I just turned 21, and mind you, I didn't even get dizzy! =D

No, I didn't turn around 21 times. I'm now 21 years of age and I'm now an adult (am I?).


So I've been thinking all about my teenagehood that has just passed, and the adulthood that is to come. Many thoughts passed through my head; some interesting, and some less interesting, some deep thoughts, some shallow. But after my tiny mental exercise, I've come to a conclusion that I'm somewhat unprepared for adulthood.

One of the thoughts that preoccupied my mind was that there was so much that needs to be made right. What I mean by this is that certain choices I make would have to change. I can no longer run away from making right choices under the pretext of being young. Who am I kidding? I'm 21 years old; my passport says so, as with my driving licence. Some things will have to change, and I'll have to start somewhere - 21 seems like a sensible age.

No, that doesn't mean that I'm going to slow down on my sense of humour. How could I do such a thing?? =P

21 years so far, many more to go.. And I'm optimistic! =D

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