Sunday, October 21, 2007

3rd academic week..

I've finally got my own internet connection. Jared and Fazril are busily downloading tv series and all. I however, am not the download kind of person. I'd rather just stream everything and watch it online. In fact, I was just watching the rugby world cup finals yesterday night. England lost to South Africa 6-15. There weren't any tries at all the whole game, so it wasn't as entertaining. England however, did manage to get one try but the refree disqualified it. It was a real shame that England lost as they retained possesion of the ball most of the time but lost because they simply couldn't get the ball past the line.

The week has been quite a tiring week for me. I've fallen ill and I'm feeling terribly exhausted eventhough I haven't been doing anything at all. I'm already getting better, but I'd love to recover as soon as possible.

I'm currently short-listed in the Imperial's Malaysian Society basket ball team. They had try outs last week and I've managed to get short listed. I'm quite sure that I won't be able to make it to the first team. But even in the second team, I'm not too sure I'd be on the starting lineup. There are really good guards in the team and all I might be doing is to warm up the bench.

This weekend, I'll be going for ICCU's weekend away. We'll be going somewhere out of central london but I'm not too sure where exactly. Hopefully I've recovered by then.


FaJiL said...

eh dont lie la donkey, i never downloaded anything also!

Spilinmy said...

hehee.. naruto comic tak kira ke?