Friday, October 12, 2007

3 weeks so far, many more to go..

I assure you, its still alive. And I shall once again update my blog. =D
Its been nearly 3 weeks now since I've left home again to resume my studies in UK. I've settled down since, cooked a little, had fun a little, sudied a little etc etc.. There's always things to do all the time. The only problem being, doing the right thing at the right time; there's always room for improvement.
Its autumn now and the trees are shedding their leaves and its really beautiful. The surroundings, especially the scenery encourages oneself to be a little more reflective. Currently, I enjoy the privilege of being in that position. Having to walk through Hyde Park to get to classes seems to add value to life as a student. I'm learning to appreciate so many things that have always been around me but have always overlooked. Now I conciously try to look for things around me to be thankful for, which after a while, I realised requires so much concentration. Thank god for autumn.
Classes have been going on for 2 weeks now, and to date I have sufficient to keep my hands full. I would think this year's syllabus to be interesting. We have a group project to design and manufacture a water pump from scratch. Currently we're still working on the design part, but in a month and a half we should be well into the manufacturing part.
I've been meaning to blog a little about my place that I'm calling home for the next 9 months or so. Its a nice cozy place situated nearby bayswater. Its not new, not very well furnished but its home! =D I'm still waiting for the internet connection to be installed (which seems to take forever), and there also seems to be a problem with the gas. Apparently, they've switched our meters around and the previous tenant has been paying for someone else's bill. I'm living with 2 other friends- Fazril and Jared. It really is a blessing as we get along quite well. I'm sure there are always flaws if you're looking for it, but as for me, I'm kinda content with my place. Not perfect, but I have a roof over my head, which is already more than enough.
Finally, to all my Muslim friends. Happy Eid, or even better, Selamat Hari Raya!

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